Order of Concord Polices


Our mission is to go forth help and heal all those in need to the best of our abilities. We will not turn our backs on those who seek our help. We live our lives with duty, pride, and honor.

Our Duty is to heal the wounded.
Our Pride is to guide the lost.
Our Honor is to help those in need.

These three basic beliefs define who we are. They are to be applied to every citizen in the world, not just those in the guild.

First is Our Duty. Healing the wounded is not something that we all have the ability to do, but if you do have the ability and any one is in need of healing, consider it your duty to do so. This not only includes the restoration of health, but the curing of disease and poison.

Second is Our Pride. Guiding the lost is something that all of us can do, no matter what our level or abilities, in one way or another. In guiding the lost it is also important to inform those that you are helping that where they desire to go may be too dangerous for them. Safety of all involved is the first priority.

Third is Our Honor. Helping those in need covers a lot of territory. This could include both Our Duty and Our Honor, as well as helping others to solve a problem, get a quest item or improve their inventory. This does not mean that we are to endanger ourselves or give away our hard earned equipment and money. You should only help with what is within your abilities to do so. This means that a 30th level character may be in a much better position to help then a 5th level character. Use your judgment, do not endanger yourselves or others.

Our expectations of guild members are to uphold Our Duty, Our Pride, and Our Honor. We also expect every member to respect everyone's game time. If you need help please ask in guild chat, but do not harass anyone. Allow time for someone to respond. The person who ends up helping you may not be the one you thought could or would help due to character locations and abilities.