Order of Concord Polices

/gu 101

These guidelines apply to all within the guild, from the initiate all the way up to the guild leader. IF you feel you cannot adhere to these rules, please feel free to /guildremove your characters. OoC is not for you. If you choose to continue breaking these rules without removing your characters, you will be removed from the guild.

The guildlines apply to both text and voice chats.

What chat is for:

  • socializing and encouragement
  • recruiting group/raid members
  • questions members may have about the game
  • general conversation

What chat is NOT for:

  • belittling ANYONE in the guild
  • personal battles between members
  • offensive language usage
  • guilding fellow members about ANYTHING
  • threatening to leave the guild
    • If you choose to leave the guild we suggest you think about it, thenpost your intent in the Barracks section and respectfully /guild remove your character.