Moonbeam Summerseve of Skyfire

Feyiron Vanguard Barbute
Energized Healer's Veil
Left Charm
Right Charm
Earstud of the Roaming Nightblood
Sparkling Gold Inlaid Gem
Feyiron Plate Spaulders
Moonbeam Summerseve
Gnomish Defender's Beads
Coterie Leather Tunic
a D'Morte insignia band
Feyiron Devout Gussets
Blinik's Crafted Band
Knight's Polished Gauntlets
Lucky Stone Bracelet
Imbued Carbonite Devout Greaves
Fae Dusted Bracelet of Resolve
Feyiron Vanguard Sabatons
Enchanted Defender's Strap
plain bread
Fayberry Fizzlepop
Feysteel Scimitar
Imbued Feyiron Tower Shield
briarwood long bow
Plain Feyiron Arrow