Marinessa Raquedan of Skyfire

Mist Panther Skin Cap
Encompassed Destination Cloak
Kael Investigator's Badge: Renewal
Calcified Dracurian Femur
Blessed Loop of Exaltation
Corrupted Satyr Horn Earhoop
Righteous Combine Leafblighter Mantle
Marinessa Raquedan
Sermon's Reminder
Mist Panther Skin Tunic
Murak's Signet
Righteous Combine Leafblighter Bracers
Druzaic Mounted Ring
Mist Panther Skin Gloves
Armlet of Waning Hopes
Mist Panther Skin Leggings
Shackle of Ka'El Ka'Vrish
Swamp Cloth Sandals
Corrupting Vines Girdle
Soothsayer's Omelette
Strong Evervictorious Rum
Club of Witherstone
Small Round Shield of the Sage
Withering Wand of Wandering