Karismah of Skyfire

Gorrok the Bloody's Hood of Frenzy
Deep Opal Cloak
Trinket of the Terrathas
Deep Opal Idol
Deep Opal Stud
Deep Opal Ear Stud
Hopewell Cloth Pauldrons of Insight
Deep Opal Necklace
Woolen Shirt of Certainty
Deep Opal Ring
Cloth Bracers of Certainty
Hopewell Ring of Foresight
Melvia Darkshroud's Gloves of Force
Hopewell Bracelet of Foresight
Hopewell Cloth Greaves of Foresight
Hopewell Bracelet of Insight
Cloth Shoes of Certainty
Deep Opal Belt
New Era Scintillating Pyresteel Maul
Demersal Mythic Focus of the Turning Clock
Tualanan's Haunted Wand
bear hide quiver