Cherchez Lafemme of Skyfire

Tishan's Resilient Casque
Tramplehoof's Hide
Blessed Arcanium Pearl
Tishan's Trinket
Starfire Crystal Stud
Khalizevva Signant Hoop
Tishan's Spellwoven Spaulders
Cherchez Lafemme
Starfire Crystal Necklace
Pride Pakiat Augury Cuirass
Khalizevva Signant Ring
Tishan's Obdurate Gussets
Blessed Arcanium Ring
Pride Pakiat Battle Gauntlets
Fate's Braided Bracelet
Pride Pakiat Reinforced Greaves
Awe Leather Bracelet
Pride Pakiat Reinforced Sabatons
Awe-Link Belt
Eidolon Iron Rations
Eidolon Ale
Metetherial Axe
Pride Pakiat Reinforced Towerguard
Bow of the Uplands Dread
mottled leather quiver