Mikhael of Skyfire

Feyiron Devout Barbute
Frostfell Cloak
Left Charm
Draft of the Wise
Enchanted Hoop of the Leatherfoots
War Medallion Stud
Feyiron Plate Spaulders
Burpbelly's Charm
Imbued Feyiron Plate Cuirass
opaline ring
Feyiron Plate Gussets
Seamist sylph ring
Feyiron Plate Gauntlets
Fae Dusted Bracelet of Resolve
Imbued Feyiron Plate Greaves
Bracelet of Pristine Shards
Feyiron Plate Sabatons
etched leather belt
Juicy Cranberry Cobbler
Blended Bamboo Brew
Blessed Feyiron Claymore
Runic Bow of the Guardian
pristine rawhide leather quiver