Silaqui Silverleaf of Skyfire

Hooluk Helm of Shaping
Shroud of Hidden Harvests
Shattered Charm of Balance
Shattered Charm of Skyward
Earring of the Solstice
Shattered Stud of Willpower
Hooluk Mantle of Dichroic
Silaqui Silverleaf
Shattered Locket of Malleability
Gi of the Ashen Artisan
Shattered Band of Malevolence
Shattered Bracers of Pride
Shattered Signet of Spirit
Shattered Gauntlets of Aether
Shattered Armlet of Willpower
Shattered Greaves of Spirit
Shattered Armlet of Trickery
Aviak Boots of Spirit
Shattered Belt of Pride
Abysmal Sea Salt Pork
Abysmal Sea Salted Margarita
Hooluk Axe of Spirit
Shattered Buckler of Balance
Shattered Crossbow of Ammolite
Ammo Pouch