Meeryan of Skyfire

Hard Leather Skullcap of the Othmir
Cloak of Frozen Agility
Scale of the Leviathan
Griffin Egg Shell Bauble
Assassin's Stud
Mammoth Tusk Shard
Mammoth Hide Shoulders
Strengthened Twine Necklace
Chestwrap of Mental Discipline
Icegazer's Ring
Hard Leather Armwraps of the Othmir
Frozen Ring of Marksmanship
Hard Leather Gloves of the Othmir
Tynnonium Shackle
Mammoth Hide Leggings
Shackle of Steel
Hard Leather Shoes of the Othmir
Waistband of Haste
Diu's Mighty Fist
Wraps of the Swifttale Monk
Opulent Pouch of Fangs
pristine tanned leather sack