Skrat of Skyfire

Coif of the Frostborn
Journeyman Medium's Cloak
Orb of Lesser Deflection
Right Charm
Facet of the Frozen Voice
Facet of the Frenzied Djinn
Lucid Primalist's Spaulders
Kobold Claw Choker
Djar'veh's Vest of Cunning
Crest of Devious Visage
Lucid Primalist's Chain Cuffs
Ringlet of Tunnel's Light
Primalist's Ghostly Handguards
Woven Armband of the Bear
Lucid Primalist's Chausses
Frost-Touched Caretaker's Bracelet
Oracle's Sacred Chain Boots
Weapon Belt of the Sun Priest
Marr Cherry Cobbler
Strong Combat Ale
Imbued Fulginate Battle Hammer
Love's Exceptional Golden Defense