Darkestmist of Skyfire

Heroic Cavalier's Helmet
Defender's Cape of Enchanted Energy
pristine ruin imbued rough linen hex doll
Invoker's Tome of Invocations
Earstud of Gemmed Metals
Fishbone Earring
Cavalier's Bloodstained Pauldrons
Shattered Lands Defender's Choker
Orclord Battle Breastplate
Ring of Fleeting Magic
Heroic Cavalier's Bracers
Signet of Utter Chaos
Kraz'k's Boxing Gloves
Tainted Armlet of Resolution
ebon brigandine leggings
Frost-Touched Defender's Bracelet
Hallasian Battlepriest's Boots
Ever Frozen Defender's Waistband
manticore stroganoff
Wild Apple Juice
Abyssmal Blade of Corruption
Bow of the Blue Sky
mottled leather quiver