Ivymisty of Skyfire

Outrider's Elven Chain Helmet of Stealth
Cloak of the Harvester
Emblem of Rile
Priestess' Royal Wand
Majestic Bangle
Spike of Consciousness
Infiltrator's Blue Iron Chain Spaulders
Champion's Choker of Defense
Outrider's Blue Iron Chain Tunic
Tailor's Band
Bronze and Pearl Inlaid Vambraces
Band of Horn Dust
Outrider's Blacksteel Chain Gloves of Stealth
Wristlet of Instinctual Maiming
Outrider's Blue Iron Chain Leggings
Coiled Drolvarg Hair Armband
Outrider's Blue Iron Chain Shoes of Stealth
Cummerbund of the Far Reach
Giant Seasoned Fruit Pie
Strong Chaos Mead
Sharpened Kukri
Round Shield of the Drolvarg Slayer
Lavish Bow of the Loving Huntress
pristine boiled leather quiver