Wulfmeister Oakensheald of Skyfire

Xegonite Chainmail Coif
Cloak of Sathirian Presence
Deathly Wand of Timelessness
Philip's Handkerchief
Fishbone Earring
Planar Orb of the Warrior
Xegonite Brigandine Mantle
Wulfmeister Oakensheald
Signet of Balance
Imbued Xegonite Chainmail Coat
Julyian's Gaze
Pathfinder's Vambraces of Quickness
Imbued Vanadium Band of Strength
Pathfinder's Chain Gloves of Quickness
Coiled Drolvarg Hair Armband
Imbued Xegonite Chainmail Leggings
Left Wrist
Fearless Pathfinder's Chain Shoes
Feathered Spiroc Belt
ale cheese soup in a bread bowl
Tottering Brute
Scimitar of the Slashing Claw
Dagger of Bladed Shock
Bow of the Weird Ways
mottled leather quiver