Itseyz of Skyfire

Legionnaire's Helmet of Defending
Shroud of the Sky Warrior
Instrument of Torture
Prodigious Blue Diamond Bauble
Squared Trinket Earring
Earring of Sundering
Icewall Spaulders
Shieldwrought Protectors Torque
Ancient's Plate Breastplate
Crest of the Warring Mind
Shieldwrought Plate Bracers
Prodigious Ring of the Ancients
Shieldwrought Plate Gauntlets
Magma Soldier's Bangle
Ancient's Plate Leggings
Portal Master's Wristlet
Icewall Boots
Belt of Glowing Ice
Peppered Thresher Steak
Highhold Frost Lager
Sculpted Kunzite Dagger
Shieldwrought Protectors Shield
Vigilant's Bow
bear hide quiver