Marrighan of Skyfire

Ferrite Vanguard Barbute
Studded Wrap of the Deathbearer
Gnomish Test Cap
Lone Frosty Paw
Enchanted Hoop of the Leatherfoots
Bone Spike of Fertile Lands
Fulgent Armguards of Sagacity
Shining Ocular Pendant
Imbued Ferrite Vanguard Cuirass
Band of Fine Wine
Ferrite Vanguard Gussets
Band of Detection
Ferrite Vanguard Gauntlets
Bracelet of Shiny Shards
Imbued Ferrite Vanguard Greaves
Fae Bone Bangle
Ferrite Vanguard Sabatons
Bloodstained Apron
Handama Wrapped Fillet
Sulfur Cider
Foot Soldier's Pike
Imbued Redwood Ornate Longbow
pristine boiled leather quiver