Ladyfyre of Skyfire

Raider's Chain Helmet of Alacrity
Seafury Cloak of Stealth
Bauble of the Inventious Gnomes
Divine Embossed Orb
Earhoop of Coiled Wires
Hoop of Gnomish Spirit
Raider's Chain Spaulders of Alacrity
Iron Stalker's Chain
Stormguard Chestguard
Band of Dwarven Presence
Raider's Vambraces of Alacrity
Ring of Eternal Enchantments
Raider's Chain Gloves of Alacrity
Woven Clover Bracelet
Wicked Raider's Chain Leggings
Woven Clover Bracelet
Beastly Boots of Intimidation
Stalker's Strap of the Geyser
Giant Exotic Meat Flank
Strong Combat Ale
Nynorc's Axe of Devastation
Flayak, the Midnight Madness
Imbued Fir Longbow
bear hide quiver