Duggan Fireforge of Skyfire

Sacramental Illuminated Greathelm
Holos Awakened Cowl
Warsinger's Horn
Void-Tinged Watchman's Eye
Ancient Void-Touched Earring
Heavy Earring of the Hua Collector
Sacramental Awakened Pauldrons
Duggan Fireforge
Logos Precept Choker
Void-Tinged Warsinger's Cuirass
Theerian Remnant's Ring
Flame-Drake Bracers
Ethos Awakened Ring
Void-Wrought Watchman's Gauntlets
Abyss Kelp Bracelet
Void-Spawned Annihilator's Greaves
Bracelet of Oblivion
Sacramental Enkindled Plate Shoes
Ethos Illuminated Cord
Bogling Burger
Shar Vahl Soder
Sacramental Illuminated Blade
Towering Encore
Holos Enkindled Bandolier
pristine stonehide leather quiver

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