Valssitha of Skyfire

Bargained Monger's Barbute
Bonded Cloak of Foresight
Dyrraga's Blood Contract
Unheard Ascetic Locus
Unheard Austere Earring
Grumblugtin's Chipped Tooth
Ruthless Brineplate Vambraces
Worthy Bargained Chain
Void-Touched Warsinger's Cuirass
Precious Swindled Band
Void-Infused Warsinger's Vambraces
Abysmal Sea Ring of Foresight
Void-Touched Annihilator's Gauntlets
Nerteros Bracelet
Void-Touched Watchman's Greaves
Abyss Kelp Bracelet
Haggled Factor's Sabatons
Grip of the Undertow
Bogling Burger
Shar Vahl Soder
Demersal Mythic Mauler
Towering Encore
Aurora Crossbow
Adventurer's Ammo Pouch