Gwendlynn of Skyfire

Shadowbound Plate Barbute of Force
Curfang's Hide
Map of the Shadowed Excursion
Compass of the Shadowed Excursion
Darkmana's Earring of Frenzy
Despoiler's Earring of Fortitude
Shadowbound Plate Spaulders of Fortitude
Gallant's Necklace of Force
Shadowbound Plate Breastplate of Force
Despoiler's Ring of Frenzy
Gallant's Plate Bracers of Force
Gallant's Ring of Fortitude
Shadowbound Plate Gauntlets of Force
Wristlet of the Shadowed Excursion
Shadowbound Plate Greaves of Fortitude
Gallant's Bracelet of Fortitude
Shadowbound Plate Sabatons of Fortitude
Eidolon's Girdle of Frenzy
Iron Rations
Gallant's Mace of Force
Shadowbound Shortsword of Frenzy
Foreguard's Bow of the Frenetic
Adventurer's Ammo Pouch