Ahlea Vrykyl of Skyfire

Abysmal Sea Chain Coif of Insight
Foundational Intellect Coat
Unheard Ascetic Locus
Phoenix Feather Brooch
Unheard Austere Earring
Unheard Ascetic Earring
Emblazened Pyrelink Mantle
Ahlea Vrykyl
Unheard Austere Chain
Stelgar Mortertoe's Chain Hauberk of Fortitude
Joralda Strummer's Band of Fortitude
Resilient Pyrelink Vambraces
Grimalda's Missing Ring
Unseen Restrained Gauntlets
Abysmal Sea Bracelet of Insight
Emblazened Pyrelink Chausses
Corilac Slate Bracelet
Scintillating Pyrelink Boots
Abysmal Sea Belt of Stratagem
Bogling Burger
Shar Vahl Soder
Furdock's Only Offer
Unheard Austere Crossbow
bear hide quiver