Pheleasha of Skyfire

Bartered Monger's Hat
Foundational Courage Coat
Mean Green Bouquet
Infernal Gem Shard
Kamapor Stud of Foresight
Consort's Earring of Stratagem
Adherent's Cloth Sleeves of Insight
Unquenchable Ember Pendant
Consort's Robe of Insight
Oracle's Ring of Foresight
Vacrul Stalker's Embroidered Bracers
Fishmonger's Ring
Pawned Hawker's Cloth Gloves
Unheard Ascetic Bracelet
Janizia Kharn's Pants of Fortitude
Cerodon-Stomped Cuff
Cohort's Cloth Boots of Insight
Foundational Firesilk Sash
Svarni Silverfin Filet
Rhino Bubbly
Cohort's Staff of Insight
Achadina's Crossbow of Fortitude
bear hide quiver