Kresha Vrykyl of Skyfire

Stabilized Mycologist Greathelm
Whisper-woven Heavy Greatcape
Claw of Khati Sha
Emblem of Vex Thal
Earring of the Hua Jubilee
Earring of Peculiar Allies
Stabilized Prospector Pauldrons
Kresha Vrykyl
Plated Torque of the Shadowed Excursion
Incanted Dreadspawn's Breastplate
Band of the Hua Jubilee
Minted Seeker Vambraces
Singing Yttrium Ring
Minted Robust Plate Gloves
Wristlet of the Hua Jubilee
Transfixed Clawripper's Greaves
Bracelet of Peculiar Allies
Transfixed Bewitcher's Sabatons
Stabilized Prospector Belt
Tegi Meatloaf
Gravel Leaf Tea
Taja's Beast Tamer
Unassailable Bulwark
Greatbow of the Hua Jubilee
metallic reptile hide quiver