Adalinda of Skyfire

Elder's Helm
Priest's Cloak
Symbol of Wisdom
Right Charm
Frostfang Earring
Frostfang Stud
Wracked Soothsayer's Spaulders
Priest's Necklace
Untainted Tender's Sewn Tunic
Band of Fading Clouds
Wracked Soothsayer's Chain Cuffs
Priest's Hoop
Druid's Leather Gloves
Bracelet of Pristine Shards
Elder's Leggings
Bracelet of Scuffed Shards
Wracked Soothsayer's Chain Boots
Priest's Belt
Heart of Thule
Dread Essence
Forged Mace
Dwarven Steel Statue
Worn Holy Symbol