Akshay of Skyfire

Woven Cured Skullcap
Green Journeyman's Cloak
pristine ruin imbued roughspun hex doll
pristine chaos imbued roughspun hex doll
Fashioned Coral Earring
Fashioned Coral Earring
Woven Cured Shoulder Pads
Fashioned Silver Torque
Imbued Woven Cured Tunic
Imbued Coral Ring of Wisdom
Woven Cured Bracers
Imbued Silver Band of Stamina
Woven Cured Gloves
Fashioned Silver Bangle
Imbued Woven Cured Pants
Fashioned Silver Bangle
Woven Cured Boots
Fashioned Cured Leather Belt
Giant Panther Stew
Strong Evervictorious Rum
Blessed Blackened Iron Scimitar
Love's Blessed Golden Defense
Silver Symbol