Honae Pye of Skyfire

Ancient's Leather Helm
Understanding of the Believer
Anointed Draconic Faience
Ashlok Runetooth of Skirmishing
Stable Gem of Shaping
Spidercharm of Sagacious Whispers
Gnashtooth Leather Mantle
Honae Pye
The Blind Seer's Soul
Flowing Venerator's Robe of Antiquity
Fierce Necrochord
Ancient's Leather Bracers
Xatik's Scorn
Despoiler's Gloves of Incursion
Bands of Chelsith
Ancient's Leather Leggings
Devourite Wristlets
Ancient's Leather Boots
Girdle of Fatal Distraction
Stormborn Souffle
Anvil-Headed Leg Breaker of the Scale
Small Ammo Pouch