Armasetta of Skyfire

Plate Cowl of the Greenmist
Shroud of the Greenmist
Invincible Focus
Invincible Talisman
Earring of the Greenmist
Earring of Warslik
Plate Mantle of Warslik
Necklace of Warslik
Plate Breastplate of Tol'Ren
Signet of Tol'Ren
Plate Bracers of Tol'Ren
Signet of Warslik
Plate Gauntlets of the Greenmist
Bracelet of Tol'Ren
Plate Greaves of Warslik
Bracelet of the Greenmist
Plate Boots of Tol'Ren
Bloody Tooth Pitfighter's Tummytucker
Warhammer of Tol'Ren
Bloody Tooth Polished Tower Shield
Longbow of Warslik
Adventurer's Ammo Pouch