Luuctoo of Skyfire

Archon's Barbute
Priest's Cloak
Dwarven Stein of Wisdom
Mark of Wisdom
Frostfang Earring
Frostfang Earring
Pauldrons of the Righteous
Iron Healer's Chain
Breastplate of the Righteous
Band of Fading Clouds
Bracers of the Righteous
Priest's Ring
Gauntlets of the Righteous
Polished Irontoe Manacle
Greaves of the Righteous
Darklight Magi's Bracelet
Boots of the Righteous
Opulent Cummerbund of the Brigade Healer
Zombified Thresher
Malice Mead
Pronged Mace of the Eagle
Dwarven Steel Buckler
Palladium Symbol

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