Tomplait of Skyfire

Enlightened Kasa
Fighter's Cloak
Lucky Wolf Paw
Lucky Wolf Paw
Frostfang Stud
Frostfang Stud
Enlightened Shoulderpads
Fighter's Necklace
Imbued Dexterous Tanned Tunic
Amber Loop of Energy
Dexterous Tanned Leather Bracers
Radiant Hoop
Dexterous Tanned Leather Gloves
Highland Defender's Manacle
Enlightened Leggings
Blood Etched Bangle
Dexterous Tanned Leather Boots
Blackened Iron Girdle
Deer Sandwich
Creamed Black Coffee
Forged Knuckles
Forged Knuckles
Brawler's Bandoleer
bear hide sack