Heleosim of Skyfire

Valiant Blackguard's Chain Helmet of Dexterity
Charm of the Immortal Contest
Lucky Gambler's Dice
Earring of Frenzied Voices
Bouncer's Earring of Force
Murkwater Spaulders
Greater Lightstone
Myrmidon's Steel Reinforced Breastplate of the Sentinel
Hidden Loop of the Feerrott
Disciple's Wrist Wraps
Band of Formulated Thoughts
Knight's Polished Gauntlets
Disciple Woven Armband of Resolve
Noxious Greaves
Woven Darkened Armband
Dwarven Work Boots
Flowing Black Silk Sash
Salt Crusted Jerky
Blended Hylocereus Smoothie
Sea-Worn Cutlass
Fulginate Tower Shield
Nightbringer's Bow
bear hide quiver